Sustainability areas

Community outreach and local charities support

We recognise the importance of supporting the communities located around our airport operations. Employees in many of our operational regions are actively involved in their social and business communities in areas such as:

  • Local business award schemes, forums and networks
  • Cultural projects
  • Educational and school programmes
  • Local product sourcing

Charities & NGOs

World Duty Free Group partners a number of different charities. These range from initiatives with focus on localised issues to large national and international charities

Supported issues include:

  • Disability
  • Child welfare
  • Education
  • Poverty and lack of key resources in the developing world

Alzheimer´s Research UK

Dementia is one of our greatest medical challenges: it’s the biggest killer of women in the UK, and the second leading cause of death for men. There are currently no treatments to stop or slow dementia, but with World Duty Free Group’s help, Alzheimer’s Research UK is working to change this.

As the country’s leading dementia research charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK is relentless in its mission to defeat dementia. The charity powers world-class studies that give us the best chance of beating dementia sooner, focusing on prevention, treatment and cure.

Money raised by World Duty Free Group funds the charity’s Dementia Research Infoline, which provides vital information for the public about dementia and research to defeat the condition, as well as helping people to take part in research studies.

Please visit for further details


Rainbow Trust


Our_new_logoThis charity is committed to offering emotional and practical support to children with a life-threatening or terminal illness and to their families. WDFG believes that every child has the right to feel protected and supported, no matter where they are in the world.


Touchstone Family Association


WDFG also supports the Touchstone Family Association through its Vancouver operation. This association is non-profit, community-based social service agency whose aim is to preserve and enhance family relationships which have been affected by times of financial crisis.


Environment Engagment

We have a broad-based approach to engaging with HSE issues as they affect and are affected by the travel retail sector, and we have a proven track record of safety in the workplace. We work with airport partners on environmental issues & engage in joint programmes to address them, and we have a range of activities across the business to reduce our impact on the environment:

    • Our carrier bags in our stores are made from 100% biodegradable materials
    • WDFG is a founder member of the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership, a group of Heathrow’s business partners working on collaborative projects to improve the airport’s sustainability
    • We work with supplier partners to reduce the amount of excess packaging entering our waste streams
    • Over 95% of waste materials generated in-store & back of house in the UK is sent for recycling and we are continuing to manage and reduce our waste output even further.

We are certified to ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 HS&E standards in many of our locations & we are working to achieve this in all our stores

Heathrow Sustainability Partnership

The Heathrow Sustainability Partnership was founded to deliver a more sustainable Heathrow Airport driven through the collective responsibility of the airport community.


    • Build common agreement on sustainability for the airport community
    • Improve sustainability performance
    • Create & present joined up approach to stakeholders
    • Make sustainability a core element of Heathrow’s brand


Employees welfare

The working environment is a major consideration for WDFG, because when employees have a balance between their working life, professional development and satisfaction, it is beneficial for both parties.

When employees are motivated and committed their level of productivity increases.

To achieve this engagement and motivation, the company has a Human Resources Policy that guarantees:

  • Equal opportunities
  • Equal conditions
  • Recruitment and internal promotion based on individual merit, qualifications, experience and skills.

In the same way, WDFG believes that information is essential to achieving that engagement and motivation, so another of its objectives is to keep its employees informed. For this purpose, it has created LINK online, the Group’s intranet, a tool for multi-directional communication that enables WDFG to communicate with its employees and vice-versa, thereby simplifying communication amongst employees.